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A geothermal well system is a major investment that should be carefully planned and executed.


Your geothermal heating and cooling needs are unique and we work very hard to install a custom solution that meets your needs for decades to come. Our straightforward install process is the result of years of experience with geothermal heating and cooling projects of all shapes and sizes.  See the steps below that lay out exactly what to expect.  Understand that some of these steps can occur in parallel (such as site visits and projecting costs) while other steps require certain tasks to first be finished.


Phone Consultation

We’ll gather a clear understanding of your heating and cooling requirements as well as factors particular to your situation such as property size, existing well(s), supplemental heating & cooling systems such as electric heat pumps which are already installed or you would like to use.


Heat Load & Loss Survey

You complete a simple survey that details room sizes, windows installed, insulation and other information that is key to designing and installing the best and most cost-effective geothermal heating and cooling system for your needs.


Site Visit

We’ll arrange an appointment to visit your property to get the most complete sense of your situation including insulation, existing heating equipment and other details.  We’ll also scout where your geothermal well system may be installed as well as potential spots to drill the well that will feed your installation.


Budget Planning & Estimate

At this point we’ll have already provided a general idea of your project budget including likely equipment costs, scheduling various tasks such as drilling your well, installing wiring and a heat pump and more.  We’ll now put to paper a firm estimate of your unique installation including parts and labor.


Budget Approval and Payment Scheduling

Once you accept our estimate, we’ll perform the work and expect payment immediately upon project completion.  Be sure to plan your finances accordingly to avoid interest charges that will significantly increase your final costs.

Drilling a New Bedrock Well

In most cases customers hire us to drill a new Artesian well to feed a geothermal system.  However, depending on the flow rate and depth of the well, we may be able to utilize your existing well for geothermal heating and cooling.  Our decision to use your existing well or drill a new one with appropriate flow & depth will be based solely on our expert opinion of your needs and not a desire to fatten our wallets.

We complete most drilled wells in a few days and recommend scheduling drilling at least one month in advance.  With each drilled well, we utilize a large well drilling rig, an accompanying water truck and various support vehicles.

Once we’ve drilled your well, our team will install a new submersible well pump and reliable wiring down the drilled well and to electrical controls inside the property.  In some cases, we will need to dig a trench from your well to inside controls for new conduit (sturdy 160psi flexible plastic pipe within which we run electrical wire).  We own digging equipment for such purposes and we’re careful to minimally impact your landscaping.

Installing Geothermal Heat Pump and Control Mechanisms

Once the outdoor work is complete including drilling or modifying your well and running durable electrical conduit and/or water pipe to your structure, we’ll install a properly-sized heat pump and associated equipment.  We can also install or upgrade ducts and electrical including control boxes and wiring which will ensure that your system runs at maximum efficiency.

Checkups and Maintenance

For additional fees, we’re glad to perform annual system checkups and address any maintenance issues. We can also advise on water and heating & system needs such as filters & softeners, pressure tanks and much more.

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