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Geothermal Systems Customized to Your Unique Needs


Geothermal systems are most definitely not “one size fits all”.  A variety of factors determine which geothermal well and system is right for you. 

We Always Do What's Best for You!


We meet your unique needs based on answers to these questions and more:


- New or existing construction?


- How big is your home and property?


- If you have an existing well, how deep is it and what is its flow rate and static water level?


- Will you supplement your geothermal system with another heating & cooling method?

Closed Loop Systems

In a closed loop system, a temperature-conducting mixture, often antifreeze and water, is circulated through a closed underground loop into a heat pump that runs in heat or cool mode.  Heat or cold is drawn off the solution by the pump and the mixture is recirculated underground where it again gathers temperature from the earth and the cycle repeats.  


How we work with you.

Open Loop Systems

Open Loop Geothermal Well Heating and Cooling Systems.


An open loop system utilizes water from a drilled water well and involves no artificial solutions.  Water is drawn from a water well – absorbing the earth’s ambient temperature along the way - and circulated through a heat pump to produce heat or cold.  Depending upon your system, that water is then returned to your well and the process repeats or the circulated water is drained into a second well known as a “bleed” well. 


How we work with you.

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