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Check out the introductory information below about Bosch technologies and enjoy this very helpful and easy to understand summary on how geothermal heating and cooling works.


About the Bosch Group


The Bosch Group has been a leading global supplier of technology and services in the areas of automotive, industrial technology, consumer goods and building technology for over 100 years.  Every Bosch product is built with one goal in mind: to enhance the quality of life by providing innovative technological solutions.


Bosch is also a leader in the development of next generation technologies that deliver improved performance and peace of mind while conserving and sustaining natural resources. Environmental stewardship likewise inspires and drives Bosch product development. 

In fact, Bosch is a leader in the development of next generation technologies that deliver improved performance and efficiency while conserving natural resources.  Green technologies, such as gas tankless water heaters, heat pump electric water heaters, solar thermal systems, photovoltaics, wind power and geothermal heat pumps are perhaps the best examples of in demand smart technologies shaping the future of Bosch.


Bosch Thermal Technology in North America


Bosch thermotechnology is a leading source of high quality water heating and comfort heating systems in North America.  Hartley Well Drilling installs and maintains Bosch heat pump water heaters, Bosch geothermal heat pumps as well as controls and accessories for every product line.  Bosch thermotechnology is committed to reinventing energy efficiency by offering smart products that work together as integrated systems, which enhance quality of life in an ultra-efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

Sharing Energy with the Earth


Bosch Geothermal Systems installed by Hartley Well Drilling provide unmatched energy efficiency at a price that can’t be beat.  These geo systems work in concert with the stable earth temperatures to provide heating in the winter and cooling in the summer.


Much like the way the way the roots of a tree exchange the essentials of life with their leaves and branches, a Bosch geothermal heat pump provides unmatched comfort and tranquility to your home and family. You will experience relatively low-cost heating and cooling while your Bosch geothermal system saves energy for generations to come.


"Essential business needed to operate and maintain public and private drinking water." 


—  Governor Chris Sununu

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