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Well~Rite Water Tanks

Hartley Well Drilling Well-Rite Water Pressure Tanks

Hartley Well Drilling installs quality Well-Rite tanks that are quickly becoming the industry standard.  These tanks are rich with features that separate them from their competition.


Solid Construction

Solidly constructed with a welded, stainless steel connection, Well-Rite tanks are uniquely designed with a patented and innovative controlled action diaphragm (CAD) which eliminates the need for coating, liners and plastic bladders and completely contains drawdown water.  Likewise, the water chamber does not chafe on the tank wall.  


Reliable Performance and Parts

The CAD is also contained in a pre-pressurized atmosphere that reduces condensation and forces the diaphragm to expand and contract the same way, every time.  And it’s anchored by a stainless steel water connection which is totally lead-free.  Meanwhile a full-flow stainless steel port diffuser directs water flow upward and outward while firmly locking the lower diaphragm in place.


Exterior Protection & Stress Testing

Well-Rite tanks are protected with a high-quality urethane paint system that combines durable all-weather protection with a deep gloss, appliance look.  And every tank is stress-tested with helium and high pressure to ensure structural integrity.


All Well-Rite tanks Hartley Well Drilling installs are backed by a five-year written, limited warranty.  We also offer these tanks for individual resale to customers outside of our service area.  Call us today at 603-323-7924 to schedule an install or for ordering details.

Materials of Construction

  • Tank: 16-gauge cold rolled steel

  • Finish: Appliance-quality paint for indoor or outdoor installation

  • Water chambers: Top chamber is 100% butyl rubber, lower water chamber is copolymer polypropylene

  • Connection: Stainless steel

  • Testing: High pressure, seam weld, helium, final precharge check

  • Air valve: Brass valve with O-ring seal

  • Warranty5 YEARS from the date of manufacture.

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