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Pump Installation
Repair & Service

Water well Goulds pump installer New Hampshire/Maine

Hartley Well Drilling installs and services both residential and commercial well pump systems.  In fact, we’re an official Goulds GPDA member and Franklin Electric Key Dealer!  From typical household well pumps to technically-challenging community and commercial installations, our team delivers exceptional service every time.

How Long Does a Well Pump last?

This is where Hartley Well stands alone. We believe that most pumps should last  around 25 years, unlike many competitors that advertise less than 10 years. Why?Because at Hartley Well we only install the best parts, and we don't cut corners. We install it right the first time. In fact, many of our pumps installed in the 70's and 80's are still running strong!

Well Pump Replacement and Repair

If you’re out of water or your well pump is failing, call us immediately at (603) 323-7924.  If your well pump is in need of replacement or repair or if you are simply interested in upgrading your well pump system—including pressure tank replacement—contact us today.

The Best Parts

We use only the very highest quality well pumps—stainless steel Goulds pumps.  These pumps are easily the best available and, in many cases last for decades.

We exclusively power our well pumps with world-class Franklin Electric pump motors. Franklin motors are designed to minimize wear and greatly extend pump life while utilizing environmentally-friendly water cooling rather than potentially very dangerous oil-cooling.

Hartley well pump systems are managed by industry-leading Franklin Electric controls which are rugged enough for indoor and outdoor installations. Franklin also boasts many exclusive features such as Franklin’s QD relay, improving system performance and durability.

We also install rugged Well-Rite water well pressure tanks that are highly corrosion-resistant, feature steel fittings and are backed by a long warranty.

Water well Goulds pump installer New Hampshire/Maine
Water well Goulds pump installer New Hampshire/Maine
Water Well Pump Installer - Franklin Electric Motors and Control Boxes
The Best Well Pump Installation Practices

  • Quality installation is just as important as dependable equipment.  We always:

  • Properly size well pumps (for horsepower and output) & choose pump depth to ensure sufficient water reserve, balance cost and performance and best prevent premature well pump or pressure tank failure.

  • Protect well pump power supply with fully-insulated, high-quality electrical wire ground-bonded to well casing and firmly secured to the well water pipe.  Skipping these important step can cause wires to chafe and short, eventually requiring expensive pump installer visits.

  • Size pressure tanks to meet manufacturer specs & warranty guidelines.

Water well Goulds pump installer New Hampshire/Maine
  • My pump failed! How quickly can you replace it?  We can usually replace a pump the same day or within 48 hours during the weekdays.


  • Can I increase the water flow from my existing pump?  It’s often possible to increase the water flow from your existing pump, but you must consider the potential wear on a  pump that simply wasn’t designed to handle more water flow or is not as reliable as higher quality pumps.  Call us for help in choosing the best solution to meet your water needs and budget.


  • My pressure tank is on its last leg but a new tank sounds expensive, What do I do?  Each situation is unique but since we value lasting relationships, we won’t simply steer you to the most expensive equipment.  We’ll recommend the right pressure tank to meet your water  needs without breaking the bank.


  • Will my well be protected from animals and insects?  We’re careful to seal every well with air-tight, heavy duty Campbell iron well caps for lasting protection from creatures large and small. We can also service wells that are contaminated or clogged.


  • How do I know I can trust your work?  The Hartley Well Drilling team boasts over 75 years of combined experience and we’re BBB A+  rated.  Check out our testimonials page for customer reviews.


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