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Geothermal Heating & Cooling ~ Light on Your Wallet & Your Ears

Real Dollar Savings

Geothermal HVAC systems are not only recognized by the U.S. Department of Energy as the most efficient heating and cooling available, you can also save big, long-term dollars on the operation of the system.  Check out the results below from a geothermal system installation in South Bend, Indiana—a town that’s no stranger to humid summers and long winter nights like we have in New Hampshire and Maine.
















Geothermal Cost Savings
Bosch Heat Pumps
Total Operating Costs Comparison

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that geothermal system installation costs for new properties or retrofits can be recouped in two to ten years, depending upon a variety of factors including climate, soil conditions, geothermal heating and cooling system features and available financing and incentives. In truth, it is somewhat difficult to project geothermal heating and cooling installation payback timing due to the above variables as well as insulation quality, energy-efficient windows and other elements (or the lack thereof), especially when retrofitting existing properties. That said, extensive government and private data shows geothermal heating and cooling often yields significant cost savings versus electrlc or fossil fuel-based solutions.

So Quiet it Makes Church Mice Jealous

Hartley Well Drilling is truly committed to your family’s peace and tranquility. That’s why we’re pleased to install Bosch’s incredibly quiet geothermal heat pumps.  Enjoy every little whisper, giggle or the pitter patter of happy little feet without a peep from your Bosch system.  See the “quiet as a church mouse” performance below.

Comparison Sound Ratings (Decibels)

The lowest average sound rating is 52dB for the Greensource CDi Series SM 3 Ton unit. Based on a weighted overall (dB), according to ARI-260:2001(100hz-10kHz).

Comparison Sound Ratings (Decibels)
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