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CSI REACTR™ VS Water Treatment Systems
CSI REACTR™ VS treat iron, manganese and sulfur gas when a constant pressure well system is used



With the advent of constant pressure (variable speed) pumping systems, CSI Water Treatment went back to the drawing board to engineer a REACTR™ System that will effectively treat iron, manganese and sulfur gas when a constant pressure well system is utilized - the REACTR VS™. The REACTR VS™ will work equally well for jet pump type systems, where typical air injection systems won't. Incorporating a quiet, high output, oil less air compressor, the REACTR VS™ provides the aeration power for chemical free treatment of problem well water. For those really tough jobs the REACTR VS™ is designed to add the Oxyclean™ option for chlorinating the entire system every backwash cycle.



Special Options for Special Problems


The REACTR™ is also available with an optional Oxy-Clean system that can clean your water supply system from the aeration tank through the filter. Chlorine is introduced at the aeration tank manifold and removed in the filter bed during backwashing. Connecting lines and the pressure tank are cleaned without adding any chemicals to your drinking water. No other system offers this level of protection.

While the REACTR™ stops odor, iron stains and adjusts acidic water, a softener might be required for certain hard water conditions. We will be able to determine if your water requires a softener and recommend the proper equipment.

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