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Hartley Well Drilling Downhole Camera for Bedrock Artesian Wells
Advanced Drilled Water Well Investigation


In some cases, issues with well water color, taste and other problems are not easily diagnosed. In these instances, we offer down hole camera services to provide a direct view of the well environment and help us quickly solve your water well difficulties.


Significant, recurring bacteria in a drilled water well as well as shifting rock and other rare changes in your drilled water well can not only harm you or annoy you, they can also cut off your well water supply altogether.  


Hunting Well Water Bacteria


Iron bacteria naturally occurs in a drilled water well and is harmless.  However, large amounts of iron bacteria can cloud well water incredibly—clogging up filters, staining laundry and causing poor water taste and color (a.k.a. low turbidity).  Excessive iron bacteria or harmful bacteria is present in a drilled water well only when a water well is not sealed properly or bacteria-laced surface water flows into the well due to a faulty cap or casing install near the top of the well. 


FYI, casing is the six-inch wide hollow steel rod we install at the top of a drilled water well to prevent well cave-in.  In rare instances, small rodents climb into water wells through improperly installed well caps or casing.  If we suspect as much, we’ll utilize our down hole camera system to locate the animal then retrieves it with other equipment.


We’ll utilize a down hole camera system to seek out the cause(s) of well water contamination—which can be quite dangerous—and smartly recommend solutions to our customers.  That said, we can almost always determine the exact nature of a well water problem without using a down hole camera but like a good Boy Scout, we’re always prepared.

Well Camera
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