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CSI REACTR™ Water Treatment Systems
CSI REACTR™ Water Treatment Systems stops red iron stains & sulfur odor

REACTR™ Water Treatment Systems represent an advanced innovation in the treatment of water using a natural aeration process that...


  • Improves taste, odor and color

  • Eliminates sediment problems

  • Stops red iron stains & sulfur odor

All without the use of chemicals!  Air efficiently mixes with water and permits iron  particles to be trapped and sulfur smell to be exhausted.  You get clear water that tastes and smells fresh!

The REACTR™ design defines efficiency.  The aeration tank has a full 1” opening for installation before the pressure tank enabling well pump exerts its full energy potential to push water and pull air to naturally treat foul tasting and smelling water.

An ingenious manifold design on the top of the REACTR™ tank combines air injection into the water and free air venting of excess pressure and foul odors.  

These innovations provide advantages competing aeration systems can’t match.


  • Increased Air Draw and Mixing

  • Diminished Diffuser Plugging

  • Continuous Rinsing of the Tank

  • Decreased Water Line Plugging

  • Less Back Pressure On the Nozzle

  • Corrosion-Proof Air Check Valve

Proper filtering & softening ensures lasting water quality and protects from poor taste, contaminants, odor and stains.  Call us to discuss water treatment tailored to your unique needs.

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