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CSI Water Filtration & Water Softening
WEB PIC Signature 3 STD 2 BLK Tank

New Hampshire and Maine water wells can produce hard water or water that contains nuisance amounts of iron, manganese and sediment. This "hard water" causes calcium buildup on plumbing and fixtures and heating hard water is much more expensive than softer water. Likewise, iron and manganese buildup stains sinks and can permanently stain laundry and while significantly affect water taste. As you can imagine, sediment in water can clog pipes and damage the internal workings of sinks, dishwashers, washing machines and other equipment.


We install the Terminatr water softener for New Hampshire and Maine home and business well owners to eliminate hard water issues through a low-maintenance system. Please see more installation and product details below.


Terminatr Water Softener System

The Terminatr™ from CSI is a water softener with a difference. Utilizing fine mesh cation exchange resin, the Terminatr™ has a much higher capacity for hardness and iron reduction along with providing sediment and rust particle filtration. It's like having a filter and softener in one system! The fine mesh resin bed is supported by special garnet sand providing excellent flow characteristics and reduced pressure drop. The Terminatr™ is extremely efficient, providing more capacity per pound of salt and using less water for regeneration than traditional softeners.

Just Add Brine - Fully Automatic or Demand-Metered Water Filter Systems

Hartley Well Drilling installs Terminatr models regulated by an automatic Signature Series™ control valve.  You will simply need to occasionally add salt to the brine tank.

• Eliminates hardness (Calcium & Magnesium)
• Eliminates Iron / Manganese stains and taste
• Signature Series 2™ timeclock or meter initiated controls
• Legacy View Bluetooth enabled control valve for advanced diagnostics and simplified setup
• Advanced Electronic Technology & Simple programming
• Adjustable cycle times
• Calendar Day Override (metered versions only)
• 3/4” FNPT stainless steel bypass
• 1” FNPT stainless steel bypass (optional)
• Poly wound mineral tank with high flow 1” distribution tube
• All Units Feature Enpress® Vortech™ distributor plate forexceptional backwashing capability
• High capacity fine mesh cation exchange resin
• High Flow brine safety float assembly, overflow fitting,
grid plate and brine well
• Simple 9 volt battery back-up keeps electronic meter active and will motor control valve to shut off position if in regeneration during power failure

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