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CSI Water Nitro water filter system

Many New Hampshire and Maine water wells produce drinking water that contains iron and manganese which can stain clothes and give water poor taste and appearance and sulfur which produces a rotten egg odor.  These water wells may also be plagued by low pH commonly known as acidity.  Acidity can destroy plumbing and fixtures by reacting with and slowly eroding the metal within.

CSI Water Nitro water filter system

When living space is tight in a home or business, we install the CSI Water Nitro water filter system.  This unit treats for iron, manganese, sulfur and acidity through a single filter tower.  See the specs below for more info on this great water filtering solution for New Hampshire and Maine.


  • Proprietary Signature 2 control valve with independently programmable air draw & backwash cycles saving thousands of gallons of water per year


  • Simplicity of a single tank aeration system that can be used with any type of well pump and system (standard submersible, constant pressure, jet pump)


  • Precise external air injection directly into the media tank to help prevent control valve fouling & for ease of service


  • Smart Blend™ media for efficient reduction of iron, manganese, sulfur & correction of low pH (acidity)


  • Enpress Vortech distributor plate for exceptional backwashing capability



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